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QuizNext enables CBSE and ICSE students to practice Math and Science chapters in the right way. The QuizNext revision app makes revision fun and engaging with intelligent chapter recommendations for maximizing recall in exams. With bite-sized quizzes, it helps students to revise all Maths and Science chapters in less than 10 minutes. QuizNext learning content has over 100 sample question papers for CBSE and ICSE 2019 exam. All study materials are aligned to the CBSE and ICSE school curriculum.


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CBSE and ICSE chapter- wise online study material based on the school curriculum.

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Get free revision app and revise all chapters within 10 minutes for Classes 6,7,8,9 and 10.

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Practice with latest and previous years’ question papers for Maths and Science.

Revision Made Fun and Engaging to Score Better Marks

Quiznext is a gamified revision app for CBSE and ICSE students in Class 6- 9, along with learning material and model question papers. QuizNext revision app helps students to study their maths and science chapters quickly through chapter-wise Practice Problems, Challenge Quizzes, and Solutions. QuizNext study material, model question papers, quiz questions, and solutions have been developed by experienced subject matter experts with a unique approach to providing a great learning experience to students who want to score better marks.

Our online study site contains CBSE and ICSE study material with NCERT Solutions and other learning materials like important sample question papers from previous years and chapter wise revision notes for every topic to help the child revise and remember everything before exams.

The QuizNext revision app is used by over 30,000 CBSE and ICSE students and over 600 schools for revising Maths and Science subjects. It is rated among the Best App for CBSE Class 10 students for studying and revising Maths and Science. Students just spend 10 minutes every day on the app to revise suggested chapters and it will improve recall by at least 40 percent.


The Quiznext online study Material is an anytime anywhere online study site with an interactive learning module that helps students and tutors for every chapter and topic based on the school curriculum for better understanding.  QuizNext ICSE and CBSE study materials use engaging learning approach with interactive videos for every chapter. Students and teachers can explore the course materials they would want to begin their learning in Maths and Science for all the classes.

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