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practice every day?

Only learning app that focuses on gamified practice and continued learning. We get students to do 3X more practice.

Gamified practice app for CBSE and ICSE students

Practice Maths & Science chapters with quizzes, available for Class 6-10.

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Effortless REVISION

Right question at right time to assess your understanding on any concept. Your concept understanding stays fresh as new always.

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Coveres all question types, yet interactive. Content created, generated and enchanced using best of AI and content experts.

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PLAY Everyday

Well balanced game elements that keep students highly focused and committed to everyday practice. 

Personalized revision recommendations with AI

Revise+, an AI engine that understands every student’s forgetting curve and helps improve recall by at least 40%

How QuizNext Helps!


Continuous Formative Assessment

Curriculum- based interactive content to gauge the concept clarity and depth of understanding.

Personalized Revision

Scientific research and Machine learning helping students about what & when to practice.

Gamified Learning

Not just leaderboard and badges. Team up with your friends and solve problems together.

3x Practice

Deep learning of student behavior to boost engagement and drive more practice. .

Not Just Quizzes

Only app helps students prepare for long answer questions using gamified content.

Best Content

Generate test papers, solve from previous board papers and HOTs questions from 130,000+ questions.


and it’s working!


of the time, students complete the practice module once they start


students practice on their own without being insisted by parents


more practice compared to practice with worksheets

QuizNext Pro

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  • All Chapters Unlocked
  • Daily Revision Recommendations
  • Access to all learning modes
  • Unlimited Video Learning
  • Access to Insights and Benchmark Data
  • Limited Access to exam papers
  • Limited Practice for Every Session
  • Limited Challenges for every session

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  • All Chapters Unlocked
  • Daily Revision Recommendations
  • Access to all learning modes
  • Unlimited Video Learning
  • Access to Insights and Benchmark Data
  • Full access to AI based revision recommendation
  • Score Improvement insights
  • Adaptive Practice
  • No session limits
  • Access to Chapter tests, Topic Worksheets
  • Access to 50+ model papers

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Still not convinced?

QuizNext is your child’s AI revision coach

Students forget 40% of what they study within a week. Successful students will tell you that regular practice keeps them sharp and focused in exams. AI folks at QuizNext along with teachers and researchers have created practice algorithms to identify your child’s forgetting curve at concept level.

QuizNext is a about building confidence in subjects

Even the highly motivated kids don’t know what chapters to practice. QuizNext monitors practice sessions to identify concepts that is holding your child back and schedules revision recommendations. Working on weaker concepts, boosts your childs confidence in the subject.

QuizNext is about fun and effortless practice

Teachers at QuizNext know that only 3% students practice when there are no exams. So, QuizNext uses game elements to motivate your child to practice when they don’t have exams. We make daily practice a reality for all students and parents.

Want to make exams stress-free for your kids?

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QuizNext for your classroom

You dont need exams to measure student learnings.

Review your classroom without a formal assessment. QuizNext encourages students to take challenges and play with thier friends without any overhead for teachers. Teachers get all the insights about student learnings so that you can focus on what to teach next and who needs more attention in your class.