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Scientifically designed practice modes to unearth your child’s truest potential. Available for CBSE & ICSE students.

AI-assisted Practice for CBSE & ICSE Students

Practice maths & science with interactive modes and ace in exams. 90% of our students report improvement in their scores. Quiznext is available for students in Class 6- 10.

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Structured PRACTICE

Right question at right time to assess your understanding on any concept. Your concept understanding stays fresh as new always.

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Interactive practice modes that are designed to make the effective use of screentime, yet preparing your child for the exam.

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Balanced game elements and engagement triggers that keep students committed to everyday practice, building practice habits.

How QuizNext Helps!


Continuous Formative Assessment

Curriculum- based interactive content to gauge the concept clarity and depth of understanding.

Personalized Revision

Scientific research and Machine learning helping students about what & when to practice.

Gamified Learning

Not just leaderboard and badges. Team up with your friends and solve problems together.

3x Practice

Deep learning of student behavior to boost engagement and drive more practice. .

Not Just Quizzes

Only app helps students prepare for long answer questions using gamified content.

Best Content

Generate test papers, solve from previous board papers and HOTs questions from 130,000+ questions.


and it’s working!


of the time, students complete the practice module once they start


students practice on their own without being insisted by parents


more practice compared to practice with worksheets

QuizNext Pro

Perfect Study Kit to Top Exams. Give a boost to your scores, get QuizNext Pro.

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Why should your child adopt this?

Students forget 40% within a week

Hermann Ebbinghaus’ memory experiments have revealed that the amount of knowledge retained drops almost straight down during the first few days of learning it and eventually levels off after a few days. The downward slope of the forgetting curve can be softened by repeating the learned information at particular intervals.

However, random revisions have proven to be very ineffective for students as the forgetting rate is not constant and vary across concepts.

AI folks at QuizNext along with teachers and researchers have created practice algorithms to identify your child’s forgetting curve at the concept level and then offer personalised practice recommendations

Empower your child with the right practice tool