Important insights to fast track exam preparation based on previous years’ CBSE question papers and model papers

Board exam season is here! While preparations are in full- swing, a smarter way of preparing could easily put you a step ahead of others in exams. To help you understand what you should be studying and give you an edge over others, we at QuizNext, did a deep- dive of the previous years’ board question papers and model question papers to generate key insights such as:

  • Detailed marks distribution by chapters and how consistent it has been over the years
  • Why CBSE publishes the model paper every year and how comparable it is to the final exam papers of respective years?
  • Are concepts tested in model question papers and final exam question papers similar?

At the end of the study, we were able to identify three key insights that could fast track any student’s math preparation.

  • We have identified seven easy chapters that could easily get you first 50 marks in the exam.
  • We have identified 30 important concepts that could easily get you 90 percent.
  • We have figured out that just solving CBSE Maths model paper will get you 70 percent marks in exams.

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Insight 1: Seven easy chapters that could easily get you 50 marks in CBSE Maths Board Exam

On comparing 2018 Model paper, 2018 main question paper and the 2019 Model paper, we have observed that the chapter-wise split of marks has remained consistent. Further, the chapter-wise marks distribution of all previous year question papers is in line with the unit-wise blueprint prescribed by the board.

Chapter- wise marking scheme for CBSE Class 10 Board Exam

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Insight 2: Practicing CBSE Model Question paper thoroughly could easily help you answer 70 percent question in the Board exams

Yes! That’s right! Based on the analysis of previous years’ question papers, we have seen that there is a very high overlap of questions provided in the Model Questions papers and the questions that have appeared in the Board Exam.

Approximately, 70 percent of the questions in the board exams are exactly similar to the ones asked in the respective year’s model question paper shared by the CBSE board.

Further, in case of other 30 percent of the questions, a question on the parallel concept have been asked form the from the same chapter. Have a look at the question below, that appeared in 2018 Board Exam.

  • In an AP, if the common difference (d) = –4, and the seventh term (a7) is 4, then find the first term. (2018 Main Exam Question Paper)
  • Find the eleventh term from the last term of the AP: 27, 23, 19, …, –65. (Sample Question Paper for 2018 Main Exam)

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Insight 3: 30 simple concepts that could get you 90 percent in the final exams

Now that we were confident about the overlap between Model Question Paper and the Board Question paper in the last 3 years, we wanted to exactly identify important concepts based on the current year’s model question paper, that could help you score highest marks.

We looked at all the questions and identified important concepts that you should be knowing. So based on the analysis, here is a list of 30 concepts out of 82 concepts that will help you score at least 90 percent marks in the board exam.

Important concepts of Class 10 CBSE Exam

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