As of 15 July, the Batch of 2020 is celebrating their results in the confines of their homes during these harsh times. Some have much more to celebrate, as finally, all their hard work has paid off and they have emerged at the top of the ranks in these board exams. Though most people in India would like to believe that these children are slogging and cramming for long hours to achieve their goals, they are all-rounders and have passions in fields outside of academics. What could be their secrets to cracking this exam?  Listed below are five tips that are coming straight from the toppers of the CBSE 10th Board Exams of various years.

1. Consistency is Key

If there is one thing that is common with all the toppers of the exams, it is a fixed schedule containing a fixed amount of time for self-study, revision, recreational activities. It is important to set goals and not study hours. There were students who topped their exams with five hours of self-study and there were students who needed ten hours a day. The common element was that they dedicated a set amount of time everyday for self-study irrespective of what. On average, most toppers did 4-5 hours of daily study. If there is a topic you have understood it is a must to revisit the topic infrequent intervals. This is done to keep the concept fresh in the mind. This is the reason all toppers had a dedicated amount of time for self-study and revision everyday.

2. Keep it simple and focus on the Right Topics 

The syllabus of the Board Exams has been summarized and explained in the best possible way in NCERT textbooks. In the list of recommended books that come from CBSE, the topper of that list has always been NCERT textbooks. Every topper vouches for these textbooks and says that it is a must to know the textbook inside out about each subject before going for any other references. Most questions are based on topics covered by NCERT textbooks. Understanding and mastering application of every concept of the textbook is the key to cracking the board exams. 

Barsha Chatterjee (98%,  CBSE X Grade Board Exams 2020), said in her interview with Hindustan Times “Don’t take any short-cuts. I studied only from the NCERT books and didn’t even consult any reference books. Teachers were of great help.”

3. Practice makes Perfect

Khanak Patwari (99.2%, CBSE X Grade Board Exams 2020) said the key to her success was the providing of regular worksheets, tests and practice sessions that helped him crack this exam. As we have seen, toppers do not spend long hours in their studies but study for an average of four hours. Looking at the size of the syllabus this might seem impossible but the key to this is to approach your studies smartly. This can be done by studying and mastering important concepts first. The key to understanding what is important is by going through the previous year’s question papers and sample papers. Focussing on the recurring concepts gives you an edge over students who spent time on concepts that might not be as important. Most toppers credited their teachers for showing these areas of focus. 

With the help of AI, QuizNext offers practice sessions on each concept based on student improvement areas, concept weights and previous question papers. This way the user has a thorough revision of all the concepts. It is like having a personal coach at all times. QuizNext users tend to cover three times more topics than a student going through a question bank. Quiznext’s worksheets are personalised based on the most important thing the student needs to practice. 

4. Micro but Focussed Study Sessions

Monotony is what leads to most students giving up on their studies. This is why most toppers had something that broke this monotony and helped them keep their mind fresh and focussed. While Aadit Latike (99.6%, CBSE X Grade Board Exams 2020) was a fine academic, he loved playing Badminton every once in a while and was a very talented Pianist and won the national level accolades. 

In her interview with Hindustan Times, P. Harini (499/500,  CBSE X Grade Board Exams 2020) said “I was never too harsh on myself and I took breaks whenever I felt like I deserved it. I never forced myself to study because I knew I wouldn’t be able to concentrate efficiently”.

During these breaks, P.Harini would listen to music and watch T.V. Four hours of study with concentration is much more effective than ten hours of study without concentration. 

With QuizNext’s gamified practice sessions, you are kept engaged for usually fifteen minutes of focussed gamified quizzes after which you can take the break that you deserve. This keeps the mind fresh and engaged. 

5. Fear, An Unnecessary Crippler

It is human to be scared of exams but it is an absolute must to make sure this fear does not affect your performance during an exam. Keeping a cool mind is a must. Fear will lead to a spiral that will affect the answers. As long as you have prepared smartly there is no way you will walk out of an exam with your head down. 

Following a fixed revision plan and knowing all the important topics and concepts gives a sense of confidence that cannot be competed with.

Summed perfectly by Bhuvi Kansal (495/500,  CBSE X Grade Board Exams 2020) “Staying stress-free and being regular with exams is what worked for me”.

With Quiznext, students get personalised study plans that are backed with data and are generated and modified dynamically based on student mastery. For instance, a student might need revision for a concept in Chemistry within two weeks, but for another concept in Physics, the revision would be required only after six weeks, because the student would have understood it very well. Quiznext study plans take into account student performances to ensure continuous revision, after all, continuous revision is what makes exams stress free. The best part is that Quiznext recommended revision plans only take about twenty to thirty minutes every day.

In conclusion, it is possible to ace the CBSE exam with flying colours if you follow these easy tips. At the end of the day, exams are just small hurdles to be crossed. With a little discipline and compromise, you will find yourself on the road to success in a blink of an eye.