How can parents help their kids to fast-track their revisions

It is exam season! The time of the year when not just students, but even parents are under stress dealing with their kids’ studies. A common worry among all students is about forgetting what they have studied on the day of exams.

Five right ways to practice and revise for exams

But if you are thinking that your ‘School Toppers’ never forget what they study, you are completely wrong. Researches have confirmed that all students forget nearly half of what they have studied within a week. The only way to remember what you study is to revise it ‘the correct way’. So, one can safely conclude that the only difference between toppers and others is how they ‘practice and revise’ their concepts.

Before I tell you how you should be revising, the first thing I want you to do is to convince yourself that forgetting is a natural process, not just among kids, but also adults. Forgetting does not decide how intelligent a student is, but it only highlights the need to change the way a student has been revising chapters.

Now let’s look at five key steps that you should be doing to improve in recall in exams.

Firstly, you first revise a chapter or a concept the next day after studying the chapters for the first time. For example, if you have studied a concept in the Force chapter today, you must revise that concept the following day, before proceeding it the chapter. According to research, repeating information within the first 24 hours of learning reduces the rate of memory loss significantly.

Second, you need to use the spacing effect for revisions i.e. revising a chapter on every 2nd, 7th, 14th, 21st and 34th day after studying it for the first time will ensure that the concept is never forgotten. It must be a brief run-through of the revision notes that you have prepared yourself or have downloaded it from any apps.

Third, you need to realise that just watching learning videos does not in remembering. It is necessary to apply studied concepts regularly, just solving two practice problems at day intervals, will boost the information retention drastically.

Another fun yet effective way is to revise with quizzes. Sometimes taking routine practices could be extremely boring. Taking chapter- wise quizzes is a good alternative for practice, which makes revision fun and engaging. Apps like QuizNext not just make practice fun through quizzes, but also recommends what chapters they should be revising on a given day.

Finally, make revision fun. Remember the time you wanted to be the teacher when in first grade? Become one now! Explain concepts such as refraction or polymorphism to your parents or friends, clarify their doubts. When you explain concepts to your parents, fading memories are reactivated and strengthened.

Start with these techniques, pick any two techniques, to begin with. Keep in mind is that it requires some time and discipline to see the results, so it is advised to take your parent’s help. Share this with them and they will help you to adopt this immediately.