Key levers of QuizNext that makes 3X practice a reality

1. Meet Pooja, an ICSE student from Class 10. A revision on the chapter ‘Force’ from Physics is due for Pooja. Based on Pooja’s past interactions, we know that Pooja loves challenges and follows another user’s leaderboard movements.

2. Using them, QuizNext creates relevant recommendation triggers to ensure she practices the chapter ‘Force’.

3. Additional user traits are captured and used in the future for recommending next practice modules.

Its not chess for everyone!

QuizNext uses over 9 game elements to keep students motivated and engaged. We totally understand that the need and level of gamification required varies with students. So we put AI to the best use here, we personalize the game element, the tone of the trigger and also the practice mode to get a student to start a a practice.

Once a practice is initiated, we keep the student engaged and revised using insights we generate. We call it binge practising. Yeah! When personalized recommendations can keep users on hooked to Tick-toc, youtube or netflix –  why not put that to a good use. So have you got QuizNext yet?