Getting started with Quiznext for Classrooms

Getting started on Quiznext is extremely simple. Assigning a quiz literally doesn’t take more than 3 clicks. Here is how you get started.

1. Verification of your account

Your account verification is completed within 24 hours of creating the account. This is required to validate that you are a teacher from the school you have selected, before we offer you access to the student practice data. To expedite this process, you can send us an email to support@quizenxt.in from your official email id.

2. Assigning a quiz to students

  • You can assign a quiz in just 3- clicks. Click on ‘Assign a quiz’ button and you will be redirected to the ‘Quiz Creation scren’
  • Select the subject and the chapter that you want to assign the quiz and a question set is automatically created.
  • If you want to shuffle questions, click shuffle and new questions are created. Once you are happy with the questions, click ‘Assign Now’ and a practice quiz is assigned to all the students.
  • If this is your first quiz and not all your students have the Quiznext app, you can also share the quiz link with them. Using the link students can install the app and the quiz will be assigned to them.

3. Notifying the students about the quiz

  • You don’t have to take the pain of notifying the students about the quiz
  • The moment a practice quiz is assigned by you, your students from the particular class and section, get notified on the Quiznext app.
  • Students can go can complete the quiz on that day.
  • If it is your first quiz and your students don’t have the app yet, you will have to share the quiz link with them just once. Using the link, they install the app and are ready to take the quiz you have assigned.

4. Insights for you

  • Get all insights about the performance of your students in a nutshell through the dashboard
  • Rich insights about where your students are doing well, areas of improvement and much more.
  • All the performance insights that you get are immediate and will be available within few minutes

5. Conducting a live quiz

  • Live quizzes are fun practice quizzes that you can begin at a certain time and all the students get to take part in it at the scheduled time
  • After the quiz, there will a leaderboard that shows who scored the maximum points in the quiz
  • You will get to see the real-time insights about student performance through the dashboard.
  • The process of creating and assigning the live quiz is as same as that of creating and assigning a regular practice quiz.