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Limit of 3 Chapters Practices per day
Limited Recommendations per day
Revision Recommendations only for select Chapters
Limited Access to Question Library
Accept Unlimited Challenges
Limited Game Elements
Limited Access to Active Notes

For Mid Term
6 Months

Access to complete Practice Set
Unlimited Practice Sessions
Score Booster Revision Algorithms
Start Unlimited Practice Sessions
Access to all type of game elements

Unlimited access to Scrabble and Active Notes

Unlimited Challenge Attempts

For Final Exams
Full Year Plan

Access to complete Practice Set
Unlimited Practice Sessions
Score Booster Revision Algorithms
Start Unlimited Practice Sessions
Access to all type of game elements
Unlimited Scrabble and Active Notes
Unlimited Challenge Attempts
Daily Exam packs during exams
Unlimited Worksheet and Test Papers
Model Paper generator

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Rs. 2499  1999

What our Pro-Users say?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will my child benefit from QuizNext?

    A lot of exam stress can be attributed to a lack of preparedness or focusing on practice only during the exam. It is scientifically proven that students forget what they learn in the first week of studying even if they learn them interactively. Practicing regularly helps them to remember the concept and apply them whenever needed.

  • What is 3X practice?

    Our students spend less time and complete more practice than any traditional method or any other app.
    To be precise, our students complete 3 times more practice using QuizNext compared to any other mode of practice.

  • How will QuizNext Pro help students to build Practice Habit?

    QuizNext offers personalized gamification, where based on the student’s interest we recommend the right game element. All these game elements, help students to start one more practice. Our practice modules are crafted by content and gamification experts, which makes the practice fun and yet effective. In 10-15 mins of screen time, we cover the practice that one needs to complete. Game elements are interesting and engaging students that drive them to complete their practice every day making this a habit.

  • Why cant I simply buy some worksheets?

    How many times have you seen kids solving worksheets on their own? How many follow-ups do they need to solve worksheets? How do you determine which chapter to practice next?

    QuizNext doesn’t need followups, we know how to get them back to the app and what they should be practicing. We initiate practice and drive them to complete the practice.

    By the way, QuizNext Pro offers worksheets at topic and chapter level too. We also offer unlimited Model papers and test prep quizzes.

  • What about video learning?

    Videos are good to aid to understand concepts when students have trouble understanding them at school. Video learning tools help overcome this, however, don’t focus on practice and revisions. Emphasis is on passive learning than, active engagement. Yet, most of the students get feedback from teachers regarding lack of practice and not on lack of comprehension. This is where QuizNext helps students to engage in more and practice.

    QuizNext offers curated videos from YouTube for free, and these are created by passionate teachers and educators and recommended by our content experts.

  • Is it just Quizzes? How will it help practice for long answer type questions?

    Our quizzes are designed to practice in an adaptive manner, covering checking on concept understanding, knowledge, and applying concepts to solve problems. Game modes like Scrabble and Active Notes are designed using our AI engine, which picks important definitions and phrases and creates a game out of them. These games help students to engage with content that is hard to practice otherwise, saving a lot of practice time and making theoretical topics engaging.

  • Does it follow any board or syllabus?

    We are 100% aligned to CBSE and ICSE boards. Students pick the board during the signup process and we show the only curriculum-aligned relevant content to them.

  • I am worried about screen time!

    We are equally concerned.

    Our content is carefully designed to complete the recommended practice in less than 15 mins every day. If someone is spending more time than this, we are concerned too.  We do not expect students to spend any passive time (watching videos)on the app, all our engagement is focused to drive students to solve problems, one at a time.