Online classes made Alive!

Engaging online classroom with Live Quizzes has never been this easy. 

Platform loaded with 3Lakh+ CBSE & ICSE Class 6- 10 content. Takes 3 clicks to get started.

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Measure your classroom effectiveness

Review your classroom without a formal assessment.

QuizNext encourages students to take challenges and play with their friends without any overhead for teachers. Teachers get all the insights about student learnings so that you can focus on what to teach next and who needs more attention in your class.

If you are a teacher, a personal tutor, or someone teaching online, use QuizNext to assess student’s learning using well-designed curriculum-aligned quizzes.


Personalized gamification to motivate students to practice more and drive them to complete our revision recommendations.

Gamification boosting morale, by rewarding for both behavioral and learning outcomes. QuizNext offers 9 game elements to make practice fun and effective.

Superpower for teachers

QuizNext takes care of progressive assessments with Zero effort from teachers. This saves time for teachers, helping them to focus on What matters most, which is Teaching effectively. 

Insights from QuizNext not only helps teachers to measure classroom effectiveness but also helps in giving objective feedback to students and parents.

Informed Parents

Dont wait for assessment results or PTM to understand you child’s progress. QuizNext helps your child completes daily practice under 15 mins of screen time.

Spending time with kids to prepare for exams? Don’t just pick questions from text book, play quizzes and other games that helps them apply concepts and improves cognitive ability.   

Insight Driven Institutes

Managing hundreds of classes and running 2 years content cycles? QuizNext platform helps you build evolving curriculum by providing classroom effectiveness feedback. Now you can understand your classroom needs through insights and not based based random-subjective feedbacks.

Stop sending circulars and conducting training sessions to run a small program across your chain of schools. Host your next chadrayan quiz or world environment day quiz on QuizNext!

Get started with QuizNext in less than a day!

Signing up and starting on the platform is easy. It just takes 3 steps to get started

  1. Chose your school and signup
  2. Invite students to your class
  3. Assign Practice for students once they join

QuizNext offers 100% curriculum-aligned content for CBSE and ICSE for grades 6-10th. Along with interactive quizzes and AI-generated cognitive games, QuizNext offers curated video content.

Strong meta backed adaptive practice, helps students to complete practice and revisions in minimal attempts. QuizNext implements concept based recollections booster, revision algorithm to ensure students revise chapters throughout the year, saving a lot of revision time.

If you already have content, QuizNext team can help you move your content on QuizNext and utilize the platform to the fullest.

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