Board exam season is here! While preparations are on the full- swing, there are students who must be stressed about one subject which is Mathematics. Preparing for the Mathematics exam could be a nightmare for many CBSE Class 10 students. Well, that’s not true! All you should be doing is be smart enough in concepts and chapters that you practice regularly.

To make things easy for students, we have done the harder part of what you should be practicing every day. Based on our detailed analysis of we have identified seven chapters that you should be practicing to least 50 out of 80 marks.

So what this means? By just studying 7 out of 15 chapters, students could easily score over 61% marks in the maths CBSE board exam.

Triangles |Introduction to Trigonometry | Arithmetic Progression | Surface Areas and Volumes |Statistics | Real Numbers | Lines

Important chapters for CBSE Class 10 Maths Exam

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