Quiznext Blog: Six truly unique things to teach your kids while working from home

As all of us are staying safe at home, engaging kids throughout the day is becoming a challenge for most. If the kids are younger, there is always colouring, painting and pretend and play. It might not be as simple as we speak, but if you can spare some time and be bit creative you can keep them engaged. 

If your child is going to middle school or high school, you have a few more challenges to deal with. Getting them off video calls with their friends or binge-watching videos is a difficult task.  To help these parents, we have put together this list to make your life easier. 

Disassemble and Assemble  

If you ask your kids to clean the bookshelf or wardrobe, its always seen as a punishment or an uninteresting task. Reason being, there is no challenge or there is nothing new to learn. So how do you add more challenge? Ask them to do something that they never expected, like cleaning inside a mixer or table fan wings or anything where it needs few screws to be unscrewed to open. This way you are teaching some basic fixing job and get you a chance to explain/explore the workings of these devices. Word of caution – Make sure you disconnect the cables and read the instruction before opening, as some devices may still have the power stored in capacitors even when they are disconnected. 

Lifesize drawings, cut-outs

Want to make crafts bit challenging and add some maths? Print any art or silhouette image from internet or pick one from the newspaper or a magazine and ask them to make it life-size or scale-out.  To do this, one needs to break the image into smaller portions using gridlines and then replicate this on a large sheet or multiple A4 sheets. 

Now to accomplish scaling, kids need to learn measurement, reference points and proportions. In the end, this will be a good addition to your home décor.

Play some maths games  

Do you know that most of the kids learn Percentages and ratios by the time they are in 5th standard? Ideally, they can calculate GST or Tipping amount in restaurants or discounts.  So, you can ask them some real-world problems with percentages. If you have an old receipt, you can ask them to validate the bill and ask questions like what if GST was 18% instead of 5. Or if we got 30% discount instead of 15%. QuizNext app offers real-world math problems to solve and gamifies the entire experience. Once they complete the challenges here, you should be asking them if buying 150ML shampoo is more economical or 250ML and how much did we save.

Learn a new language  

As kids, most of us have made our own language and conversed with our friends. But learning any new language can be equally fun. There are many language learning apps like Duolingo, which makes learning a new language lot easier and fun. If your child can manage to get a friend to sign-up, it will be much more fun. Double the fun by watching some movies in newly learnt language using Netflix party plugin. Learning a new language not only boosts the brainpower but also improves the capability to multitask. There are a lot more benefits of learning a new language like improvement of cognitive skills, memory power and get better at understanding your first language as well. 

Measure and graph everything  

Data handling concept is something that students are exposed to as early as 2nd grade. Now they might have started with apples and marbles problem, now it’s the time to throw some relatable numbers. Ask kids to note electricity meter or water meter daily and arrive at %ge change. If you ask them on why it increased or decrease and drive some root cause analysis, it opens a lot more learning avenues and thereby optimization. If you cannot read the electricity meter, measure your food/milk consumption or even liquid handwash consumption.  

Get them to do some research

Let them do some research on your next purchase like a Phone, Mixer, Fridge or AC, this way they will understand the concepts like price, ratings, reviews. They might be doing this already for toys or something they want but doing it on house appliances will help in learning new concepts like specifications and what does it mean.