The coronavirus outbreak has forced schools to assess their options for educating remotely, considering that school could reopen only by September. This uncertainty has put to the test a school’s preparedness, its readiness to adapt and the principal’s agility for technology adoption to ensure continued learning.

Though the school management is increasingly concerned about what the upcoming academic year would look like, the truth is it is easier than they think. Here are the three simple steps schools can adopt to make their classes online, yet make it fun and effective, more importantly at zero budget.

3 simple steps for schools to take their classes ‘live’ with zero budget


The schools should look to use any of the tools available off the shelf for teaching, rather than looking at a comprehensive live teaching platform meant for educational institutes. For instance, adopting a full-fledged LMS takes anywhere between 3 and 6 weeks and will require content creation, teacher training, student id generations and so on. But ‘Plug and Play’ tools, not only works out to be cheaper but also extremely simpler and faster to set up and use.

Tools like Zoom, Google Meet (Hangout) or even Youtube should help you get started. You can get started for free with these tools and when you utilize the free-limits, they don’t cost the school more than Rs. 800- 3,000 per month.

After the live classes, schools should make the recorded videos available on YouTube, so that students can go back to them later. Or, teachers could find other supporting videos on YouTube and share them with students.

Homework, Practice and Assessment

After teaching the second aspect is to assign students homework and allow them to practice the chapters. Platforms like Quiznext help schools to do this with zero effort and cost. Quiznext already comes with over 2.5 lakh questions in the form of quizzes, worksheets and other interactive formats that students can go and practice. It is a gamified practice platform that engages and motivates students to practice more by using the game elements. It is 100% aligned with CBSE & ICSE curriculum and is available for Maths & Science for Classes 6- 10.

It is being used by students from over 1,400 schools and is trusted by 85,000+ parents.

Doubt Clearing

The last element involved in teaching is clarifying the doubts of students. Now, this could also be done through Quiznext. Quiznext allows students to share their doubts with teachers via Whatsapp and email. Based on the doubts received from students, in the subsequent classes teachers could spend time clarifying their doubts.

‘Quiznext for Classrooms’ comes with a dashboard for teachers that provides insights to teachers on students’ performance, improvement areas and key concepts that would require revision. Quiznext also allows teachers to conduct live Quizzes on specific chapters, that not just makes practice fun for students but also offers learning insights for teachers. Setting up ‘Quiznext for Classrooms’ will not take more than two hours and is just an email away.

Write to for setting this up for free.

Free help-line number for schools to set up live classes: 8088579298.